Six Spectacular Spots for Fall Leaf Peeping

Christy Ingkavet @ Oct 11, 2022

Walking through fall foliage in the Pacific Northwest is one of our favorite autumn adventures. Check out these other leaf peeping spots around the US.


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Recipe: Majestic Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Christy Ingkavet @ Sep 26, 2022
Make your own delicious Pumpkin Spice Coffee with Majestic Blend's Ponderosa French Roast, fresh ground or Super Pods. Add a little spice and milk of choice for a seasonal treat!

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Perfect Food Pairings For Your Majestic Blends Coffee

Christy Ingkavet @ Sep 22, 2022

All of our Majestic Blends will help you put your Big Foot Forward boldly, no matter where you adventure. And each one has its own delicious flavor characteristics that appeal to different tastes. We roast each coffee to be perfectly balanced and craft each blend to pair with your favorite...

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New! Even Darker Ponderosa French Roast: Revelation in a Cup

Christy Ingkavet @ Jul 21, 2022

Our Majestic Blends Ponderosa single-origin roast was inspired by our adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you’ve ever hiked through a sun-dappled trail, paddled down a rolling river, or gathered around the campfire under a canopy of stars, you know the feeling. It’s the wonder of the beauty of...

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3 Cold Coffee Recipes for Summer

Christy Ingkavet @ Jul 22, 2022

This summer has been way too hot for many of us. So we've put together three of our favorite ways to stay cool and enjoy Majestic Blends. Try these 3 cold coffee recipes. Iced Coffee Ingredients: Majestic Blends brewed coffee, ice, milk (optional), sweetener (optional) Brew your coffee the way...

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