4 Fun Festivals That Celebrate Bigfoot

Christy Ingkavet @ May 17, 2023

Bigfoot might be an elusive fellow. But the Hairy Wild Man has fans around the country that love to celebrate him. Here are some of the top Bigfoot Celebrations happening this spring and summer in the U.S. Western North Carolina Bigfoot FestivalMay 19 - 20, 2023Marion, NC  The 2023 celebration...

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5 Spring Outdoor Adventures

Christy Ingkavet @ Apr 10, 2023

National Parks week starts April 17, and it's a great time to venture out and  explore the outdoors. Because spring can vary between warm sunshine and random showers, it’s best to prepare for your adventures with layers and waterproof gear.  We've put together five of our favorite ways to enjoy adventures in...

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Mythical Creatures of The Alaskan Frontier

Christy Ingkavet @ Apr 05, 2023

At Majestic Blends, we’re just slightly obsessed with the mythical creatures that live out in the wilds of our neighboring forests and mountains.  Our coffee blends were inspired by the majesty and mythology of the Pacific Northwest. We’re equally enchanted by the beauty of snow-capped peaks, lush forests, and meandering...

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7 Green Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Christy Ingkavet @ Mar 21, 2023

When thinking about how to keep the earth a cleaner, greener place, recycling automatically comes to mind. And one of the best ways to recycle coffee is to turn it back into the earth. Composting helps divert waste from landfills, reducing the amount of energy and resources used to dispose...

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Spooky Creatures of The Pacific Northwest

Christy Ingkavet @ Oct 24, 2022

Halloween is at the end of October. So naturally, we’re thinking about all the mystical and spooky creatures that are allegedly in the Pacific Northwest. Did you know? Bigfoot is not the only mythical beast in our neck of the woods. In fact, there are plenty of stories of cryptids...

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