We live out our mission every day by bringing you the absolute best craft coffee available. Our partnerships with the top artisan roasters and coffee farms across the globe give all the best of Tower Coffee in a coffee pod.

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Pacific Northwest

Birthplace of craft coffee, towering redwoods, pristine waters and the mystical Bigfoot. Our coffee’s roasted in small batches by local artisans from hand-selected, sustainably grown, organic beans.

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Our adept bean specialists and roasters have created blends inspired by a taste kaleidoscope. We’ve captured the essence of morning, sunshine, revelation, and power in a cup! Try them all.


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Majestic Blends SUPER PODS. Bigfoot Dark Roast coffee
SUPER PODS: Up to 47% more coffee.

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Our pods pack French press flavor in a pod. SUPER SEAL™ technology keeps them fresh 5X longer. They’re 100% recyclable to ensure environmental purity. We think that’s all pretty super!