All of our Majestic Blends will help you put your Big Foot Forward boldly, no matter where you adventure. And each one has its own delicious flavor characteristics that appeal to different tastes.

We roast each coffee to be perfectly balanced and craft each blend to pair with your favorite food. Keep reading to discover which Majestic Blends and foods go best together.

Ponderosa French Roast

This dark roast single-origin coffee has been recently upgraded with a hint of smoke. If you need a bold coffee to kickstart your day, this is definitely the brew for you.

How to prepare: Grind whole beans to a medium coarse level for drip coffee or French Press and enjoy. For Ponderosa SuperPods, set your pod machine to strong and be amazed at the rich, bold flavor that’s delivered in a cup.

What to eat: Enjoy with a chocolate pastry for dessert, or with a bold eggs dish or frittata for breakfast.

Big Foot Dark Roast

Love the outdoors and weekend adventures? Big Foot Dark Roast is your brew. This rich, flavorful blend is just as good around a campfire as it is enjoyed cozied up by our fireplace at home.

How to prepare: Grind Big Foot whole beans extra coarse for Cowboy coffee or a perfect cold brew. For SuperPods, choose either regular or strong — either way will produce a delicious cup on demand.

What to eat: Try with your favorite breakfast foods — toast, eggs, and bacon all taste good with it. Or if it’s afternoon or dessert time, it will pair with a buttery croissant or chocolate pastry.

Cascade Breakfast Blend

Like your coffee on the lighter side? Cascade Breakfast is medium-roasted blend is rich in flavor without any overly bitter or burned taste.

How to prepare: Grind whole beans to a medium grind for drip coffee. Brew SuperPods at regular strength for a perfectly balanced cup.

What to eat: This versatile blend was made for your favorite breakfasts. It goes great with hearty bacon and eggs, as well as toast or bagels.

Northwest Donut Shop


This classic medium-dark roast is a bigger, better upgrade from the typical “donut shop” coffee you remember. It delivers a kick that gets you going.

How to prepare: Prepare your whole beans for a classic drip or French Press coffee and enjoy a fresh pot with family and friends. Brew your SuperPods at regular strength and marvel at how big and bold the flavor is.

What to eat: Of course, this one’s made for your classic donuts and pastries (it’s in the name after all). But you could also pair it with pancakes or waffles or even a nice slice of cherry pie.

No matter your preference, Majestic Blends has the perfect craft-coffee roast to satisfy and help you put your Big Foot Forward. 

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