Our Majestic Blends Ponderosa single-origin roast was inspired by our adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you’ve ever hiked through a sun-dappled trail, paddled down a rolling river, or gathered around the campfire under a canopy of stars, you know the feeling. It’s the wonder of the beauty of nature. The quiet, heart-lifting power of forest bathing.

We named our single-origin roast after the Ponderosa Pine, the very tall tree that can be found through the mountains in British Columbia, through the Pacific Northwest, and all the way down through the Southwestern United States.

We’ve collaborated with a Good Food award-winning coffee roaster to upgrade the flavor and add a smokey richness to this single-origin dark roast that is truly a "revelation in a cup."


Pour yourself a fresh cup of Ponderosa French Roast, pull up a chair, and discover what makes this roast so special.

Organic, Grade 1 Coffee from Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ponderosa French Roast starts with Grade 1, certified organic beans from Minas Gerais, one of three major growing regions in Brazil. The landscape of this region is known for its rolling hills and uneven terrain, ideal for small coffee farms.

These top-shelf green beans are grown by the Dutra Family on 10 distinct farms, where coffee cherries from 3 million trees are harvested by hand by more than 600 seasonal workers.

Raised in mineral-rich clay soil, they are pulped naturally (honey process) and sun-dried in the fresh air on large patios.

Eco-Sustainable Farming and Processing

We partnered with our Brazilian farm not only because they produce a bean that produces delicious coffee — but also because of their commitment to protecting their environment and community.

Fazenda Dutra uses sustainable practices to protect its environment. Depulpers run on solar power, and their mechanical dryers are next on the agenda for this clean energy conversion. The estate also has nearly 750 acres of native forest to protect water sources and create natural barriers to protect the coffee trees from wind and erosion.

The Dutra family also takes their role as employers very seriously. They have given back through big investments in a school located at the estate as well as a health care program for employees and their families.

The Bolder, Smokey Flavor of Ponderosa French Roast

Ponderosa is a bold, specialty brew that ranchers, campers, and Bigfoot trackers love to brew at campfires. This legendary brew has been called a “Revelation in a Cup” for good reason. Carefully roasted to perfection, Ponderosa delights with rich, bittersweet chocolate notes, toasted almond aromas, and intense everlasting flavor.

Attaining the perfect French Roast is an art. It requires roasting the beans to the darkest edge without burning them. You have to carefully control the temperature without cooking the natural sugars right out of the beans. Our Majestic beans are small-batch roasted so that we can have more control over the roast and flavor than a large commercial roaster might have.

With our new upgraded Ponderosa French Roast, we brought out all the flavor of these Grade 1 Brazilian beans and enhanced them with smoke. Carefully roasted to perfection, Ponderosa delights with rich, bittersweet chocolate notes, toasted almond aromas, and intense everlasting flavor.

Try the Ponderosa French Roast in whole bean or Super Pods today!