Photo of hands holding newly picked unroasted green coffee berries

It Begins With

Better Beans

Our product specialists have the same tenacity as Indiana Jones if he were set to uncovering the world’s most amazing beans. No stone is left unturned and no flavor undiscovered. From the Andes mountains to the jungles of Brazil, our specialists have smelled, washed, dried, weighed, roasted, tasted and blended the beans in Majestic’s Blend’s coffees hundreds of times before ever putting a bean in bag or SUPER POD.

We only share the best of what we love with you. And we often leave some on the porch for our local Bigfoot. It magically disappears before sunrise.

Coffee beans in roaster

More Coffee

Per Pod

Coffee made from pods or K-cups is weaker than French press, pour over, and drip methods. You have no control over how much coffee per cup you want to enjoy. So, our founders, having backgrounds in design and engineering, set to the task of discovering how much coffee could we get in a pod.

After months of testing, “Eureka! We found it!” Testing continued to refine the grams amounts per bean type per pod. Then SUPER PODs were born, holding up to 47% more coffee than other pods. Next SUPER SEAL™ technology followed to keep our pods fresh five times longer than others.

Roasted to


Roasting heats coffee into the fragrant, dark brown beans and brings out their distinctive aromas and flavors. Beans are stored green and lose no quality in the storing process. Roasting causes changes as beans are rapidly brought to high temperatures. When they reach a perfect state according to an expert roaster, they’re quickly cooled.

Roasted beans smell great, are crunchy, and ready to be ground. It takes years of training to learn to “read” beans and make decisions with split-second timing. The difference between perfectly roasted coffee and a ruined batch can be a matter of seconds. Our roasters are award-winning.



Photo of Tor Naerheim, Co-Founder of Majestic Blends

Tor Naerheim


When Tor experienced European coffee, he became a coffee lover. He also came to appreciate what Brazilians call cafezinho. Coffee is consumed at every opportunity. The word is like a salutation, and coffee, is a way of life. After sampling more of the world’s coffees, Tor settled in the Pacific Northwest and discovered American craft roasters. At Majestic, Tor’s design background has helped to reimagine the single-serve pod. Tor cares about every detail from package design and to a pod’s impact on the planet.

Photo of Robert Brown, Founder of Majestic Blends

Robert Brown


Robert, Bob to his friends, has tasted coffee the world over. His early engineering and technology experience gave him a unique perspective on processes for making coffee. Bob’s notion was that most coffee technology, untouched for centuries, could be reexamined and improved upon. Bob settled in Bend, Oregon. He’d spent decades increasing his coffee knowledge and years finding the best, often obscure, Pacific Northwest micro roasters. Now he combines next-gen technology and craft-roasted coffee to bring incredible flavor to coffee lovers nationwide.

Alluring Majestic Flavor

Fresh As The Great Outdoors

Majestic Blends® exemplifies the majesty of the redwoods, pristine mountain streams and untouched wildlands. Like others from this magical terrain, our top bean trackers and artisan roasters are always pursuing new discoveries. Exploration and experimentation are our spiritual tenants. The elusive Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, is our symbol of new breakthroughs and encounters. Considering that Majestic’s fresh coffee aroma has even lured Bigfoot within sighting distance of our Bend, Oregon roasting facility, we think you’ll be lured, too.