Bigfoot might be an elusive fellow. But the Hairy Wild Man has fans around the country that love to celebrate him. Here are some of the top Bigfoot Celebrations happening this spring and summer in the U.S.

Western North Carolina Bigfoot Festival
May 19 - 20, 2023
Marion, NC 

The 2023 celebration of the alleged half-man, half-ape creature will take place Friday, May 19 - Saturday May 20, 2023.

The conference will feature guest speakers like renowned researcher, author and adventurer Ron Morehead, who has become world famous for his recordings of what could be a Sasquatch. Other speakers will include Christian MacLeod of the American Cryptid and Paranormal Society and Matt Seeber of East Tennessee Bigfoot group. 

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Forest County Bigfoot Festival
June 9 - 11, 2023
Marienville, PA

Western Pennsylvania will welcome Bigfoot at the Forest County Bigfoot Festival. A Bigfoot hunt, a Bigfoot calling contest and a biggest foot contest are just a few of the events on the schedule. Daniel Benoit, of the East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization, will be the keynote speaker.

Forest County is home to a portion of the Allegheny National Forest, including the Allegheny Islands Wilderness. 

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Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival
June 17 - 18, 2023
Metaline Falls, WA

The third annual Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival is headed back to Busta Park on June 17-18. The event features a wide variety of businesses, vendors, and artisans, the event also welcomes Bigfoot researchers, hosts a 5K race, and holds a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

Renowned Bigfoot researchers, including Tom Sewid, Mel Skahan, Thom Cantrall, Terrence James, Squatch America, and Jesus Payan will conduct presentations at the NuVu Showhouse.

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Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest
August 11 - 12, 2023
Baker City, OR

Versions of the hairy cryptid will make appearances in the Geiser-Pollman Park Aug. 12 for the one-day Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest.

The event will have vendor fair and speakers, and it will also include a Bigfoot Calling Contest, Miss Blue Mountain Bigfoot Contest, and a scavenger hunt. 

A special VIP dinner will happen Friday night, August 11, with Bigfoot expert guest speakers Todd Neiss and Michael Freeman. 

On April 3, 1993, as a soldier with the 1249th Combat Engineers, Todd Neiss watched three enormous bipedal creatures watching the military convoy from across a ravine. This inspired him to form the American Primate Conservancy, advocating for the species’ recognition and protection.

Freeman is a collector and researcher focusing on evidence collected in the Blue Mountains of Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington. Freeman’s late father, Paul Freeman, was a longtime researcher in that area, and he captured a video purporting to show a Bigfoot, as well as making plaster casts of footprints.

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