At Majestic Blends, we’re just slightly obsessed with the mythical creatures that live out in the wilds of our neighboring forests and mountains. 

Our coffee blends were inspired by the majesty and mythology of the Pacific Northwest. We’re equally enchanted by the beauty of snow-capped peaks, lush forests, and meandering rivers as we are of the myths of Bigfoot and other cryptids. 

Did you know that Alaska has as rich a mythology as the Pacific Northwest? Yes, the last frontier is home to quite a number of creatures as legendary as Bigfoot. Here are just a few tales that we’ve collected. 


This Inuit mythological creature is similar to a boogeyman. According to folklore, they live near the ice floes in the Arctic Sea around Greenland and Canada. They are said to have long hair and fingernails and green skin, and they carry a pouch on their back to carry away children that wander too close to the edge of the water. 

The Qalupalik is used as a cautionary tale to warn children against wandering alone near the water and to always obey their parents. Because if they don’t they might be lured away and raised in the icy cold sea. 

The Alaska Bushman or Tornit

These creatures are what the Inuit people call Bigfoot. They are giant, hairy humanoids that live in the Arctic. They are known for having super strength, and they can easily lift boulders and trees. 

According to their mythology, the Tornit used to live in neighboring villages to the Inuits. A young Tornit borrowed a young Inuit’s kayak without permission and damaged the bottom of it. The young Inuit became very angry and stabbed the Tornit while he was sleeping, killing him. Fearing they would also be killed, the rest of the Tornits fled never to be seen again. 


This creature is a type of werewolf. As the Inuit myth goes, the Adlets are a race of people that are human on the top and dog on the bottom. They started when a woman gave birth to 10 children that were born half-human, half-dog. The whole family was sent to a remote island because they were so voracious and would eat everything in sight. 

The Adlets are said to be able to run at great speeds and have incredible endurance, allowing them to travel long distances without rest. They are also allegedly known as aggressive savages who will attack men when they cross paths.

The legend of the Adlet is still a popular part of Inuit culture and is often depicted in Inuit art and storytelling.


This sea-snake-like creature has the head of a wolf and lives in the icy cold Alaskan waters. They are described as being about 15 feet long and a tail ending in a flipper. Tizheruk were said to snatch people from docks and piers.

In Inuit mythology, the Tizheruk is often depicted as a powerful and dangerous creature, capable of sinking boats and dragging fishermen into the icy waters. It is said to have a particular taste for human flesh and is feared by the Inuit people who live in the region.

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