Bigfoot Dark Roast Coffee Pods

Fair Trade, Blend, Organic

Bigfoot Dark Roast

Power in a cup

A big, bad, bold blend of the world’s best full-bodied jet fuel bolstered with flavors of creamy cocoa, butter toffee and almonds.



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Dark Roast

Craft roasted to perfection featuring a full body flavor with smoky, bittersweet chocolate coffee notes.

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Flavor Profile

Power in a cup

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Bean Origin

Minas Gerais, Brazil; Calama, Bolivia

The Origin Story

This Bigfoot Dark Roast full-bodied blend was inspired by our top roaster’s astounding sighting of an elusive Sasquatch while dangling from a rope at Smith Rock. If Bigfoot ever had a favorite brew, this is it. It took six months and three of the best Arabica bean types on the planet to perfect this uniquely bold and beasty blend.

Bigfoot Dark Roast is a rare triple entendre of South American fair trade, organic coffee beans. They originate from subtropical Minas Gerais, Brazil, and Calama, Bolivia, and tropical Ciénega, Magdelena, Columbia. This blend is as pure as coffee gets and profound complexity is its crowning glory.

Though you’ll definitely be lured by its powerful aroma and taste its audacious presence going down, the best surprises come in swells of flavor. Dark chocolate, buttery toffee and raisons initiate, followed by unexpected floral hints with lime. It’s like the allure of aromas from a cabin stove and fresh blooms from a subtropical rainforest.

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