July is National Ice Cream Month! A scoop is great in a cup or a cone, but one of our favorite ways is to enjoy it with delicious, craft coffee. 

Affogato (which means "drowned" in Italian), is a delicious dessert that's like an upgraded latte. Traditionally made with gelato and espresso, you can also enjoy it with any of your favorite style of brewed coffee and quality ice cream.

Try this affogato recipe with your favorite Majestic Blends organic coffee (we recommend Bigfoot Dark Roast or Ponderosa French Roast):

Ingredients: vanilla ice cream, fresh brewed Majestic Blends coffee. ​

  • Brew coffee the way you usually would.
  • Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a small dish or mug.
  • Pour a cup of hot coffee over the ice cream. Enjoy!

Stock up on your favorite Majestic Blends to enjoy Affogato with friends and family this summer season.