What is the Mapinguari?

In Brazilian folklore, it’s their “big hairy wildman” — also known as the Juma.

It has been said to live in the Amazon rainforest. The translation of its name also varies — between “the roaring animal” or “the fetid beast” or “the beast with the crooked foot.”

No matter what you call it or how you describe it, the Mapinguari is one of the legendary beasts that fascinates us at Majestic Blends.

What does the Mapinguari Look Like?

Some describe the beast as a humanoid cyclops. But, what the Mapinguari looks like depends on who’s telling the story. Yet, it is often depicted with a gaping mouth on its belly.

In most stories, the creature is at least seven feet tall when it stands on two legs. It looks like a giant bear with a monkey’s face. It emits a horrible smell (some say from the second mouth in its belly) and has long matted fur. And it has a terrifying scream that will make you want to run the other way.

Is the Mapinguary Real?

Stories about encounters with the Mapinguari have been told by thousands of people — so many that a few years ago, a few scientists organized an expedition to try and find the beast.

They were not successful in finding it; however, they did agree, that encounters with the creature were most likely with a giant ground sloth. The giant sloth, or Megatherium, was bigger than an elephant. It likely existed around 8,500 years ago, but it is believed to be extinct.

Common Stories About Mapinguari

An Amazonian shaman discovered the secret to immortality. The gods found out and severely punished him by turning him into the wandering beast for the rest of eternity.

The Mapinguari can only be killed if you shoot it in the head. But this is almost impossible to do, because people that get near the creature become dizzy and disoriented.

The odor of the Mapinguari is so strong that it can knock people unconscious.

The creature will take revenge on hunters if they don’t respect the forest. The hunters will be hunted by the Mapinguari.

The Legend Immortalized in Majestic Blends

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