Using new technology for the SUPER PODS, Tower Roasting Co has been able to dial in a superior grind level and load the pod up to as much as 14.5 g vs standard K-cups at 8.5 grams (47% more coffee). More coffee often means more flavor. However, the type of bean, and size and weight of the grind, also matter. Greener beans such as a Sumatra have more moisture and require more ground coffee per pod to maximize flavor. A darker roasted bean requires less ground coffee per pod, or it can become too bitter. We carefully weigh and precisely test each type of bean, its roast and grind on sensitive micro-scales to determine individual capacities.

The SUPER POD basket is designed to allow water to tumble throughout the grounds instead of channel it, ensuring every gram of coffee is saturated. This enables the most flavorful cup of coffee imaginable. Our SUPER PODS are equivalent to the quality of a cup of coffee from a gourmet French press. Our pod technology and process may look different, but the taste is just as wonderful.

Each pod uses nitrogen-infused filtration, so they remain as fresh as the day we filled them and five times longer than other brands. We challenge you to test coffee from a SUPER POD against any premium drip or pressed coffee to see for yourself. We already know our beans and pods offer coffee lovers a mile wide difference above other pods. But go ahead, and test that too.

The SUPER POD recycling system results in a better environmental impact than bulk coffee brewing or any other recyclable pod. (We’ve done the research.) It’s the only system that has the potential to save 17 billion single-serve pods from landfills. Annually! Once you’re done with a recyclable, BPA-free SUPER POD™ simply toss it into the recycle bin. You can feel great about yourself, your coffee and the planet!

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